Benefits of a Cool-N-Save Air Conditioning Pre Cooling System

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Every household makes use of an air conditioning unit. Some people use it at night, some during the day. It all depends whether the weather is too uncomfortable during a specific time. Most instances, the air conditioning unit will be turned on to at least compensate for the discomfort. However, in days of extreme heat, an air conditioning system or unit will have a hard time circulating cool air to the area it is suppose to provide for. The air conditioning unit has to double its efforts to pump out the cool air because of its continued compensation and battle with the extreme heat from outside. Apparently, whenever this happens, the life expectancy of the unit will shorten and can end up consuming more electricity. This is true for many of your standard air conditioners especially old ones. Thankfully, there has been a breakthrough to help ease the problem and it is all going to come down to the cool-n-save air condition pre-cooling system.

The system is based on what commercial structures use. Like warehouses, factories and offices, majority of these structures have a misting system all over its air conditioning unit. If you are not familiar the logic of it all is very similar to the mist systems that you can see at entrance doors of restaurants and parks. In no less than five minutes your home may have one too.

When a cool-n-save system is installed, it is usually located above the air conditioning unit. It works to absorb heat from the air by using what they call a flash evaporation. Through this method, the room instantly cools in temperature and even if it is using water, there will be no evidence of it since it has completely evaporated. What works well with home owners is that the cool-n-save only turns on when the ac is powered as well. Both units rely on each other to provide power and water that is then thrown into the air or as mist.

Why the cool-n-save works well beyond any other standard cooling system is the fact that it is a simpler contraption compared to the regular bulky misting systems that you may have seen. For any home owner, installing a regular cooling system will definitely have to spend a lot of money because these aren’t cheap. Unlike the cool-n-save, the machine is very small and accessible, it can easily be controlled. In fact, maintenance is easy and will only require minor cleaning.

The biggest factor that benefit a home with a cool-n-save is through its effects on cooling within a room is because of its patented control valve. Electricity is hardly consumed and if ever it is turned on, the consumption can hardly be felt. As mentioned above, it turns on and closes the same time as the AC so it feels like it is only an add-on to the entire unit.

Now that you’ve seen the capabilities of a cool-n-save air conditioning pre cooling system, does it not justify itself and its purpose? Make the move and have that instant cooling satisfaction in your home.


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